The worship service is a casual welcoming place. There is a place for everyone in your family to come and worship!

You can expect worship and messages that apply to everyday life. We want to encourage you and resource you to take the Love of Jesus into your homes and lives!

Worship will be a place where we get to use the creativity God has given to connect worship themes to our families. The children and youth will be learning the same Biblical truths in their class so you have something to talk about. We hope that when you ask the question, “So what did you learn?” that there won’t be silence but real answers and conversation based on the lessons learned in worship and children/youth ministry. This is a great way to connect your family as you grow in the love of Jesus.

We will have "ALL family worship " periodically where the whole family is in worship together! The nursery will still be open for ages 6 weeks to K. We look forward to gathering together and celebrating worship together!

Meet Bobby Brooks - He loves connecting the Word of God to everyday life so that you are able to move into your week with a better understanding of Jesus, His word and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus.

Meet Drew - He is our Worship leader and has an amazing heart for God. Watch here as he describes the heart of worship.


Helping anyone and everyone become a follower of Jesus by encouraging, equipping and empowering families.