Plan Your Visit

5:00 pm
Saturday Service / THE FIVE

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re checking out the FIVE. The FIVE is a worshipping community of University Carillon, a community sent to help anyone and everyone become a follower of Jesus. At the heart of who we are is families becoming family – we love seeing people of all backgrounds and ages come together and become family in Christ.

We hope the information below answers any questions you might have and helps you know what to expect on your first visit, but if there’s anything else we can clear up for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you and look forward to meeting you!

The Basics: We meet at 5:00 PM on Saturdays at University Carillon (1395 Campus View Court, Oviedo FL 32765).

Where should I park? Most people bypass the first parking lot when you first drive in (on your right), and park in the next one back. Most people come in between the first two buildings by the playground, but you are welcome to come in the front doors as well.

Where do I go from there? As you start to walk in, look for the welcome cart and a big welcome sign with someone waiting there to greet you! Then you’ll head inside to get your kids checked in (see next question), and go into the big room that we call the worship center for service. Make sure you stop by the Connect Table when you first come in or before you leave for a first-time gift we’d love to give your family.

Where will my kids go? We have an amazing kids ministry staff ready to care for your kids. There is a check-in system for all kids up to 5th grade, so just look for the kids ministry shirts and the computer kiosk in the hallways to get signed in. You’ll take your kids (4 years old-5th grade) with you into service for the first two songs and a children’s message; after that, they’re welcome to stay in service with you or follow our kids ministry team to their classrooms.

Child care is provided for children 6 weeks to 3 years old. (down the hall, near the main lobby)
Room M101: 6 weeks to 18 months.
Room M102: 19 months to 3 years old. 

Clubhouse (downstairs in Education building): 4 years old to Kindergarten
The Loft (upstairs in Education building): 1st – 5th grade

Where do my youth go?  Students 6th -12th grade go with you to the worship center for the first two songs and a children’s message; after that, they’re welcome to stay in service with you or follow the EPIC youth team upstairs to M-201. Pickup in the Worship Center.

Venture (upstairs in M201): 6th – 12th grade

What should I wear? Come as you are! Feel free to dress casually and comfortably – jeans or shorts are perfectly acceptable and normal at the FIVE.

What’s a normal service like? Every service, kids, youth and adults all start off worshipping together. For the first two songs and a brief children’s message, kids will remain in service in the worship center. After that, unless they would like to stay, kids are welcome to go with our amazing children’s ministry staff to their classrooms, where you can pick them up after service. After the kids head out, we’ll sometimes take a few minutes to grab coffee and get to know each other (called our “5 Minute Recharge” – see About Us), and then engage with Scripture through a passionate and relevant teaching. We’ll close out from there with a song or two of worship, and then you’re free to pick up your kids, head home, or meet someone new outside while your kids play on the playground.

The exception to this is our All in services, where kids and adults will worship together for the entirety of the service. These happen about once a month, and we like to make them fun and engaging for the whole family. (The nursery IS open these weekends for any infants to 4-year-olds.) We do this because we believe it’s important for families to worship together and for kids to be apart of the church at large, not just children’s ministry.

What if my kid is being a kid? Here at the FIVE, we don’t mind kids talking, crying or running around – so feel free to keep them in service with you! We also have a cry room located in the back right corner of the sanctuary if you would prefer some privacy.

A few words you might hear us say... Praise pit. All in. 5 Minute Recharge. Check out our About Us page to find out what these mean.