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November 23, 2019


Passage: 2 Chronicles 5:1-14

Bible Text: 2 Chronicles 5:1-14 | Pastor: Holly Fohr | Series: Filled | God’s heart is to fill His church, but to do that, we need to be emptied of our glory and expectations; it’s then that we’ll begin becoming all He dreams us to be.

As we come into this story, Solomon and the team have just finished building the temple. It’s stunning, incredible, beautiful…but it’s missing something. Missing everything. It still needs to be filled. And as we get to the climax of this story, we see a God faithful to fill it with His presence. He’s actually, so faithful that He totally messes up expectations and plans and egos and ambitions of everyone at the scene. But it’s here that we see the people of God in their sweet spot: emptied of themselves, and abundantly full of of the fullness of God, to overflow into the world.