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God spoke, Jonah ran
February 16, 2019

God spoke, Jonah ran

Passage: Jonah 1

Bible Text: Jonah 1 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: On Whales and Worms | You know God has spoken to you when what you hear moves you – even if it moves you in the wrong direction!

When we talk about the story of Jonah, we’re usually inclined to think that Jonah is the main character in the story. However, what we fail to recognize is that at every major turn of events, before Jonah does anything, God speaks. God sends Jonah, sends the storm, sends the fish, sends Jonah (again), sends the worm and sends the wind. God, not Jonah, is really the main player in the story of Jonah and much of what takes place happens because God steps in and speaks. We have a God who speaks to us and speaks through us and if we have ears to hear, we might be surprised to discover that God is speaking more than we ever realize.