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Hope is Resilient
December 14, 2019

Hope is Resilient

Passage: Matthew 1:1-17

Bible Text: Matthew 1:1-17 | Pastor: Taylor Fohr | Series: A Thrill of Hope | Jesus came as a king, priest, prophet, and temple for real people and real life.

The genealogy at the beginning of Matthew is like an escape room. When you first look at it, it seems kind of underwhelming…but then you start looking under things and inside of things and behind things and all of the sudden, you find secrets and codes that unlock more secrets and codes…and you realize that there’s meaning and intention everywhere. That’s what we get in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. The way Matthew has structured it and the names he has included in it offer a preamble to Jesus’ coming as the true king, priest, prophet, and temple. In this Jesus, we find a hope strong enough to bear the brunt of reality…a hope wide enough to embrace the totality of human brokenness and beauty…a hope resilient enough to survive the real world…and a hope that’s come for you and for me. This is the kind of hope Christmas is all about.