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Hope Recruits
December 28, 2019

Hope Recruits

Passage: Isaiah 11

Bible Text: Isaiah 11 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: A Thrill of Hope | Hope is contagious. It welcomes others in Christ into joy and freedom. 

Isaiah 11 offers a beautiful but confusing picture of the hope we have in Christ. The first part of the chapter offers a picture of restoration and peace. The second half however is a bit less desirable. It speaks of violence and plundering and I’m doing so raises a question. How can the text speak of peace and hope and healing and simultaneously speak of violence and plundering? Maybe we need to hear the words once more and this time, listen to them through the life and ministry of the Christ child. As 2019 comes to close, let’s remember who who we are in Christ and who he has called to be for the glory of God and the sake of the world.