A Thrill of Hope

Hope is something that all of us are aware of, but not always believing. It’s powerful and unstoppable by any force of circumstance or situation … unfortunately, it’s one of the quickest things we give up when everything changes. But what if we looked at hope in it’s most basic form: trust.

This Advent season we’re going to look at different stories of that offer a thrill—a fracture in despair, in which light shines through—of hope … for a future, a promise fulfilled and a Savior.

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Hope Recruits

December 28, 2019
Hope is contagious. It welcomes others in Christ into joy and freedom.  Isaiah 11 offers a beautiful but confusing picture of the hope we have in Christ. The first part…

Hope Rejoices

December 21, 2019
Even in our grief there is hope and where there is hope, there is cause for joy. Everywhere you look in the Christmas story, you see people rejoicing. Elizabeth, Zechariah,…
Jesus came as a king, priest, prophet, and temple for real people and real life. The genealogy at the beginning of Matthew is like an escape room. When you first…
The hope of God has the power to heal and reconcile broken relationships. In Isaiah 11, the prophet begins by painting a powerful picture of what the Coming One of…