The Bible was written by specific people to specific people in specific places and within a specific culture. In other words, the Bible is written for us but it was not written to us. However, because the Bible in God’s breathed, because every word is inspired by God, God is the Author behind the authors. Because of this, while the human authors understood what they were writing in one way, we recognize that since God is the Author behind the authors, the meaning of scripture is far deeper and more dynamic than any of us can fully wrap our minds around. That being said, one of our convictions is that the whole Old Testament is actually preparing us for, anticipating, foreshadowing the life and ministry of Jesus. So for Lent this season – that’s what we’ll be exploring – how long before Jesus was born, the OT was foreshadowing, preparing, anticipating his arrival and if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we can see this foreshadowing throughout the whole story of God.

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