Jesus Meek & Wild

We tend to think in “either/or” terms. We tend to see things as good or evil, right or wrong, true or false. But honestly, while we may try to convince ourselves that life is usually “either/or,” so much more of life is “both/and”.

Life is more nuanced and complicated, messy and beautiful than we often realize. We think this “both/and” quality to life is true, especially when it comes to Jesus. There was a meekness and wildness to Jesus that is unparalleled. He was unbelievably humble and yet, in the same breath, was wild beyond measure. And this “both/and nature,” the fact that Jesus was meek and wild, humble and untamed, yielded a life and ministry beyond comparison.

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New Wine

October 6, 2018
Sometimes the question stated is not the question actually being asked. Thankfully Jesus is capable of answering what we say and what we really mean.  

Tell No One

September 8, 2018
Sometimes saying nothing can stir up mystery and wonder that words can never really communicate. Live it out Where is there complexity and confusion in your life today? How might…