When I was 13 years old I went on a camping trip with my dad and some of my friends from school. Being the brave, woodsmen we thought ourselves to be, my friends and I hiked out from our campsite to explore the terrain and lay claim to our new found surroundings. However there was one small problem. In our zeal and ambition, we totally paid no attention to where we were going or how far we’d gone. When the sun began to set and light began to scatter, we had no idea where we were or more importantly, how to get back to camp.

We were never in any real danger as we eventually discovered that our slow meandering had been mostly in circles and even though we’d been gone for hours we actually hadn’t gone very far.

That being said, I still remember that feeling. That hollow, horrible, hopeless feeling: lost. If you’ve ever been lost or lost someone or something, you know the feeling.

In Luke 15, Jesus is being heckled by a group of religious leaders. They lift their complaints so all can hear: How dare Jesus eat with sinners! Tax collectors – seriously Jesus? What kind of man would hang with people like that?

In response, Jesus tells them a series of stories and at the heart of each of these stories is things being lost and these same things being found. Lostology is a three week series designed to take us into the heart of these stories in order to experience the God whose heart is to seek and to save the lost. So bring some friends and join us this Sunday for our Lostology kick off. Hope you can join us!

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Party People

November 24, 2018
In the third and final installment of our Lostology series, we’ll be exploring the story of the Prodigal Son as found in the last half of Luke 15. As we…

Lost and Found

November 17, 2018
Throughout Luke 15, we’re given a varied picture of the different ways we might experience ‘lostness’. While these experiences cast a pretty wide net, they probably don’t account for every…